Uzi has been imagined 5 years ago, but i had trouble to imagine a world in which integrate her, but Crow's team arrived quickly in my mind. This time i got stuck and i did a lot of pages for this project, not considering it of quality to try my luck at making an album out of it (I am already published and i already have an album project and a compilation underway ), i prefered to propose it to internet users, and here you have Uzi from Simon 'Crazy Cat' Gaudet and dare hope that you will apreciate this project with time as much as i had fun to make it.


he Endroma system saw itself progresively sink when the great interplanetary leaders, the Council of the threes and its representative have been overthrown by their own private security, the ELIT forces, during a rebelion within their own artificial planet. Since, the destiny of the planets, wars , peace is lead by a tyrant of many hidden plans, formerly ELIT chief of security. The planets are sailing toward a dark destiny, of stupid and pointless wars, where theft, contraband et high crime rates are progressively taking over, as well as a diversity of vices. While the new representative increase his power by striking down any individual in his way. We now find Uzirana, Alias Uzi, young girl who became an orphan after the death of her parents during a terrorist attack from extremist forces. She will then go join her uncle Crownelius alias Crow, a paunchy and boozer mercenary, who hides the fact that he is among the most wanted mercenaries in the system, for impeding the progress of the ELITs troughout the years. He is accompanied by Bersk, another mercenary, not very talkative (except with Crow) having his guns usually doing the talking in his stead, as well as Twik, another orphan, mechanic with a distinct passion for explosives.

Therefore, follow the this shock team in their numerous contracts.

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