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Crazy_Cat said:

I have put one or two links with my webcomics, I recommend you to take a look.

5 Days a Week for support the project of katmomma on DA.

Uzi, don't touch this one, it's the french version lol

Djib, a great webco, nice pictures, nice story, very funnny, remember me Dragon Ball a little ( the first books )

The Order of Talis, because it's a great job, nice pages with nice anthro characters.

Sam and Fuzzy because it's my favorite webcomic since 3 years.

Icecubes because this webcomic a version on now.

Shaobaibai, nice visual, good story you have to take a look.

Rabbit Jacob, support one of my friend, MacOneill, it's really good ( I read that in french and I fall in love with this webco' ).

The Interworld, it's strange but it's not bad, good use of 3d and photo'.

Life Turtle because I like the story behind this webcomic ( it's a full story, so you can read that in one-shot )

May 4, 2009

Visitor (Ostrinus) said:


I was looking through your comic quite thoroughly yesterday to get references for the drawing I'm making you; And it surprised me how much detail you put in these pages! @¿@

I mean, I could never draw guns and technological stuff like that. XD You knew this would happen one day, and decided to put in a gazillion details, just to urge me to stab myself with my tablet-pen-thingie, didn't you!? >¿< (Seriously though, it's great.)

Well anyway, I got what I needed and have roughed out a sketch. It still needs to be polished a bit, and I'll throw on some color too! I think it is going to turn out nicely. ^¿^

May 7, 2009

Crazy_Cat said:

It's funny you said that my friend because I don't take many time on this pages, I mean I know ( and I'm sure you know ) I can make better.

The trick for put lot of details or things like that it's search for references ( real weapons or guns from other artists ) and create your design.

Anyway, I draw action story since I have perhap 12 years old so make weapons and things like that it's easy for me.

( note: science fiction movie and videogames like Doom 3 help me a lot too )

I can't wait to see this picture now! X3

But, please, don't stab yourself with your pen. XD

May 7, 2009

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