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Crazy_Cat said:

I want to said something, I know I don't leave lot of comment on my english version of Uzi ( for peoples who know me you know it's because my english are not great XD ), but I would like to thanks everybody who read me, I know you don't leave comment here but I know one or two come to tell me they read my webco' and it's really nice to know that because for a time I have think nobody read my webco' XD.

Anyway, have fun!

P.s.: I think it's one of my favorite part of this chapter, the food taste like shit. XD

Jul 13, 2009

Visitor (Ostrinus) said:

Ha! I was right! ^Ö^

Nice info on the “Noupacks”… small details like that can be interesting!

Jul 19, 2009

Crazy_Cat said:

I have always said a good story are in the small details. ^^

Jul 20, 2009

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